How can I move my WordPress or WooCommerce site to you?

Once you setup your billing account we will verify your login details and send you a welcome email. You can then reply and ask us to migrate your site from your old hosting provider to us.

We’ll be more than happy to help you, for free too. All site migrations happen with zero downtime.

Do you offer SSL?

Definetely Yes! All of our plans come with free SSL setup using Cloudflare and LetsEncrypt.

This is plug ‘n play service where you just sit back and relax while we do all the work.

What makes you different from other Managed Hosting Services for WooCommerce & WordPress sites?

We were probably the first hosting provider which defined the term “WooCommerce” or “WordPress Managed Hosting” as a holistic service where we will host, secure, maintain and upgrade all sites using our services.

We not only manage the VPS instance which your site is using but we also make sure that the site itself is online, secure and updated. This way our clients will spend more time on their business instead of the technical parts of their site.

Are there any additional costs?

All of our plans include all of the costs for using the WooHosting service.
There are no hidden costs or upsells.

What kind of Support is included?

If you need help with your hosting account please open a ticket through our Support Page.

We are available 24×7 so expect a reply to your ticket soon enough.

Do you offer refunds?

All of our hosting plans come with a 15 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Simply drop us an email or chat and we’ll process your refund within no more than 3 business days. Fees refunded through the payment gateway(for example PayPal) can sometimes take longer to arrive back to your original payment method.

Do you offer malware removal services?

Yes we do!
Our sister company is Didgit; a WordPress Security Agency which offers WordPress and WooCommerce malware removal services for years. Once you submit a support ticket letting us know your site or store has been hacked we will clean, update and secure your site in 24h hours or less.

What’s your VM stack?

We always follow WordPress server requirements so all of our VPS plans are setup with the following:

  • PHP 7.2 or greater
  • Nginx + Apache2
  • HTTP/2(HTTPS support included)
  • MariaDB 10.x
  • Fail2Ban
  • Redis
  • Brotli compression

Since many WordPress and WooCommerce plugins & themes are not yet ready to work with 7.2 we can lower the PHP version to 7.0.1 or 7.0.

Do we have to setup our own Cloudflare account?

Once you signup with one of our Hosting Plans we will send you details on how to change your domain nameserver settings to the ones pointed to Cloudflare. Apart from this action you don’t need to do anything else.

We maintain our own private Cloudflare network so all other configuration will be done by our team. If you are struggling changing your domain nameservers then we can  help you with that as well, free of charge.

Can I change plan or cancel it anytime?

You can change your hosting plan or even cancel it through our billing platform.

If you have any questions or problems simply reach out to us and we’ll do everything we can to get you sorted.

What happens if I cancel or fail to pay for my Hosting Plan?

After cancelling your account we keep a backup of your site files and database for 15 days where we purge them from our system. If you fail to pay your hosting subscription then we’ll keep your site live for one more week where we’re going to cancel your account.

How can I reset by billing password?

If you want to restore access to your billing then please visit the Billing Page and select the “Forgot Password” sub-menu item under the “Account” menu.

How can I access my site files?

You can access your site files using an SFTP client like Filezilla.

When ready to connect please open a support ticket so we can send you the login details.

What isn’t included in your Managed Hosting Services?

Being a Managed Hosting Service for WooCommerce and WordPress means that we don’t have the time or will to offer any of the non hosting related services listed below:

  • SEO and Marketing
  • Content creation and updates
  • Design or Coding Work
  • Brand Management
  • Email Marketing

Do you offer any kind of Control Panel(for ex cPanel)?

We are happy to say that we don’t need any Control Panel to host and manage our client sites since we know how to work our way through the server default access options.
This way our High-end VPS and your WooCommerce stores or WordPress sites are more secure, mobile and fast than the ones you used to work with.

We know that most of you are used to access your site through a panel like cPanel or even Plesk so you will need a few days in order to get used to access your site backend using the WordPress Dashboard and files through an SFTP client. Once you do you will love how easy and fast is to work on your sites using the K.I.S.S. principle

How many WordPress sites or WooCommerce stores can we host per plan?

All plans can accommodate one WordPress site or WooCommerce store per account.

This means that if you have more than 1 sites to host then you need to subscribe to the equivalent amount of plans.

Do you offer an email service?

We don’t offer an email service and we believe that this should be the norm for every managed hosting provider. Email hosting is a separate service which needs dedicated infrastructure in order to work smoothly. For this reason we consult and setup any cloud hosting service like Google Suite to our clients, for free.

We also offer transaction email service for free so you won’t have any issue in sending and receiving emails through your WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores.

Do you allow WordPress Multi-Site Installations?

Our published hosting plans are not fit for WordPress Multisites.

If you want to host a multisite with WooHosting then please get in touch with us for a custom quote.

Do you support non WordPress or WooCommerce file or scripts?

We only support WordPress or WooCommerce core files, plugins and themes. We don’t allow hosting sites which aren’t using WooCommerce or WordPress.

If your WordPress or Woocommerce site has some files which don’t belong to the core ones then we can allow hosting them but we aren’t responsible for supporting them while there is a big chance you will loose the maintenance feature for the whole site or store.

Do you offer any development or fix services?

No we don’t. We are focused in creating the best managed hosting service for WooCommerce stores and WordPress sites so we stay away for any other services not related to our core one.

If you need help in fixing a WP or Woo issue then we’ll be more than glad to refer you to some of our trusted friends.